Doocots: From east to west, numbers 6-10:
This second page of doocots features doocots 6-10 as the meander across the city continues from east to west.

Doocot Number 6:
Sited on the east side of the canal on the grassed slope from the waterside up to Wester Common Road where three multi-storey towers look down upon the doocot and its store.

street address: just west of Wester Common Road, G22
Latitude / Longitude: 55.882876,-4.265957 (sourced using Google Maps)
site visit date: 31 October 2011

sited on the east of the canal the doocot and store sit in the shadow of the three tower blocks rising in the background (31/10/2011)

a black painted tower made with profile metal sheeting and a small single storey store (31/10/2011)

the doocot is a tower form, but lesser in height than many of its contemporaries (31/10/2011)

Doocot Number 7:
An abandoned doocot and supply hut on the southside of Partick, bordering the railway line that runs from the city centre westwards. The two buildings comprise a doocot and a small shed, the doocot has been burnt out and abandoned. The exposed interior reveals the boarded timber frame construction with green painted corrugated metal sheeting acting as cladding.

street address: Off Beith Street and Anderson Street, Partick, G11
Latitude / Longitude: 55.868826,-4.305998 (sourced using Google Maps)
site visit date: 21 August 2011

north-west elevations, the tatty exterior, graffitti and burnt out doocot looks to be long abandoned (12/06/2011)

north elevation with the whole doocot roof destroyed by the fire (12/06/2011)

heavily charred timber members and boarding at the roofline (12/06/2011)

the interior with charring and a collapsed beam from above (12/06/2011)

south rear elevations from the railway line (12/06/2011)

Doocot Number 8:
Heading westwards the next doocot is to be found on the cycle path at Whiteinch. Comprising of a doocot to the east and a shed to the west, the area has been partially fenced in. The buildings are the typical timber frame, corrugated metal cladding and asphalt roof felt found on the majority of doocots. The site has been partially fenced off with wooden pallets on their sides affixed to fence posts.

street address: 100m west of Edzell Street, Whiteinch, G14
Latitude / Longitude: 55.8734,-4.340929 (sourced using Google Maps)
site visit date: 06 June 2011

view west up the cycle path, the taller doocot sits in the foreground and further to the west is a large single storey shed (06/06/2011)

west elevation of the doocot, clad in corrugated metal, painted green at the base and black above (06/06/2011)

sited to the west is the shed (06/06/2011)

view east looking back at the two buildings (06/06/2011)

Doocot Number 9:
Standing alone and elevated on the cycle path this green doocot has a commanding position overlooking South Street near the yellow titan crane in the Barclay Curle site and is clearly visible behind the Albion Trading Estate.

street address: 200m west of Edzell Street, 50m north of South Street, Whiteinch, G14
Latitude / Longitude: 55.873852,-4.342116 (sourced using Google Maps)
site visit date: 06 June 2011

south elevation from South Street (06/06/2011)

south elevation (06/06/2011)

east and south elevations (06/06/2011)

padlocked hatchway (06/06/2011)

west elevation and south elevation, graffitti adorn the lower half, nobody is tall enough to reach higher. A single magpie sits atop the doocot (06/06/2011)

view east looking back along the cycle path with the doocot on the left across the former railway bridge (06/06/2011)

Doocot Number 10:
A black doocot sited in an elevated position on a former railway station platform beside the disused railway line (now cycle path) that runs here parallel to South Street. This doocot is different to most being constructed of concrete blocks with a timber upper storey.

street address: 10m south of Fore Street and 50m west of Methil Street, G14
Latitude / Longitude: 55.875802,-4.346179 (sourced using Google Maps)
site visit date: 06 June 2011

south and east elevations, note the elevated position on the former railway station platform (06/06/11)

a steel door can be seen on the west elevation furthering the fortress like nature of this particular block-built doocot. A local gang related tag/slogan can be seen on the south elevation (06/06/11)

Atop the doocot on the open shelf sits a pigeon (06/06/11)

west elevation and barely visible painted out graffiti on the door (06/06/11)

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